Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Countdown Calendar

Last Xmas or is it Winter Solstice Celebration, I got a countdown calendar as a present. It started with Jan. 1 this year and goes up to Jan. 20, 2009. Each day in the upper right corner is the number of days left until aWol is out of office. Each day there is an abuse of power or other absurdity committed by the Busheviks!! At first I was pissed, each day it was another insult to me and the country. Recently I noticed that the number was down below 90 and the thought occurred to me that maybe a short calendar would be appropriate.

When I was in the military, when someone reached the magic number of 100 days left in their enlistment or tour in 'Nam they would start a short calendar. Sometimes it would be like a paint-by-number painting with a space to color in each day and when it was finally done it would be a drawing of something, usually female.

Now that the end is getting nearer, my mood is improving i.e., I'm no longer as pissed when I rip off a page to change the date. That doesn't mean that I will ever forgive or forget!!

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