Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheney Indicted in Texas

Now this is the best news I have heard since 11/4. Here I had decided that Tejas was hopelessly red, a grand jury goes and indicts Darth Cheney and Abu Gonzales. Life never ceases to amaze me!!

Willacy County is in the Brownsville area.

Now can we please see them do the Perp Walk, Please!!


  1. i read that this was on page 3a other words crammed in among the latest execution on death row of the latest poor black dude..i laughed so hard(not over the black dude) i peed on myself..i know i know..too much still going to do a post on this..goddess bless texas judges.

  2. I caught this being given in a lowered and rushed voice like "I know this doesn't mean shit but I'm supposed to say it" on MSNBC. My first thought was only one court at a time can indict anyone, and if they do it now, they'll stop somebody that really means business. IOW, make everybody feel good and protect homeboy. I hope I'm wrong!

  3. That indictmnet's going nowhere. It seems as if the DA skedadled and was nowhere to be found during the arraignment.

    The yellow-bellied chicken-livered poor excuse of a DA had his 15 minutes of fame and wasted it. Due process when a DA abscounds for reasons of cowardice, even in the most corrupt county in Texas, consists of the charges being dropped.

    This clown of a DA even takes the crown, the helm of Duns Scotus, away from even Ronnie Earle in the Texas Kingdom of Cowardly Evidenceless Chicken Excrement Prosecutions.


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