Monday, November 24, 2008

Dedicating Songs to a Missing Blog

Today I went looking for a blog that was there yesterday and found that it had been removed. The Future Was Yesterday had posted about his encounters with Texans and Texas. I was going to dedicate a song to him, but seeing as the blog is not there at this time, I'll do it here. The song that came to mind was Asshole From El Paso by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. While looking for that song on YouTube I found this song. This song may express what I think Future may think of Tejas. It does contain a few words that shouldn't be used in polite company.


  1. Both songs are now part of my permanent collection, and you matched my feelings perfectly!

    I'd written two posts about Texans and Texas, the first a satire, the second, experiences I'd had with Texan's I'd met IRL, and pointing out bloggers from Texas I knew, that were fine people. I'm used to an onslaught of hate mail, as I regularly slammed the religious right with no holds barred, on my blog.

    But I was unprepared for what those two Texas posts garnered me! 12 hours after posting I had 250 hate mails, 36 hours later I had over 400 of the most ignorant, hate filled emails you have ever read in your life! At that point, I simply gave up on the human race and hit the button. At least I'll always know where the colon of the world is!:P

    I reply once to all my hate mail, to let them know I know what Fing idiots they are, and rub their face in it once more, then mark their email addy as spam.:) Only now they go out with two URL's, thanks to you.:)

    To all those Texassins:

    Um...what his songs said!:) ROTFLMAO!!!!! "The eyes of Texas are Brown cause they're full of........"

  2. huh- great minds think alike since i just posted that tex-ass has at best a 50% ratio of anything good coming out of it. molly ivins and willie nelson together can't negate tom delay and the shrub. there's a reason that a state like tex-ass is called a 'flyover' state. :)

  3. Damn, I get very little hate mail even though I've been slamming them for three years now.

    But I refuse to get into it with them via emails and tell them to take it to my blogs for a good public pissing contest if they want one because I can drag them through the coals in public there.

    I guess that they figured out that I could as they haven't bothered me for a year now. Sometimes I sort of miss telling them what fucking idiots they are.

    And unlike TFWY I don't do comment moderation, I just let it all hang out. It was funny the time I shoved gods cock in that preachers mouth, ha ha ha.

    I've met some good folks in Texas, and a lot of fucked up folks.

  4. sigh*.....
    I love my state..I love them dipshit rednecks who wont have sex standing up cause they're afraid people will think they're dancing..i get pissed at them and embarassed by them..but they's my assholes...and i love em...and anybody who says fuck the alamo should expect a texan (not unlike me) on their front door step expecting to whip yo'ass....

  5. "and anybody who says fuck the alamo should expect a texan (not unlike me) on their front door step expecting to whip yo'ass...."

    You pretty much summed up the tone, not to mention the cumulative intelligence, of 400+ emails. Looking back, the whole thing was accurately defined two decades ago in an email to me from a former Texan turned Californian.

    "California Is An Attitude."

    "Texas Is An Odor."

    Just think how much you'd know, had you actually read the posts!!

    What a bunch of losers...(:

  6. Future,don't dis yellowdog granny, yellowdog granny is cool. She's proud to be a Texan like I'm proud to be a Yooper.
    I am surprised at the amount of hate mail. Sounds like you really hit a nerve and those that sent you hate mail don't want to admit you may have a point.
    I thought the first post was over the top because it seemed like you were descriping cartoon characters.

  7. I make more fun of texas than anyone..the people the ideals, their religion, their politics, there fucking stupidity about most everything..but saying fuck the alamo which is a place where men died for the freedom of others is a bad thing..won't take back my 'whip yo' ass comment.
    just sorry he's so far away I can't follow thru with it..

  8. Men only died for their freedom, not for the freedom of all. Can't all you fuckers just get along? America has just been a failed experiment.

    TFWY.... Sometimes you are just so full of shit because you are a shrink and think you are smart.

    Smart shrinks know that they are fucking crazy, they admit it, I don't recall you ever admitting it.

  9. TFWY.... You fucking pussy. Hugs of course.

  10. Hooo Weee! What a fracas!

    If Texas ever wants our forgiveness for Bush and Rove, they owe us more than an apology. They need to show some humility and get better oriented to 21st century reality.

    Impossible, you say? Well...

    Since I am a fair and reasonable person, I'll accept their vote to re-elect Obama in 2012 as just penance.

    And you people in Alaska are on notice. We feel there's hope for you. But you almost re-elected a corrupt criminal senator. Now prove you can be responsible adults and keep Pageant Diva safely away from Washington D.C. and all those Armageddon toys she's too young and ignorant to play with.


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