Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finnish Takeover of Nova Scotia

There is a humorous satire in The Hammer, a Canadian humor and satire site. It is supposedly about how the Finns are taking over Nova Scotia.
"Most of Nova Scotia's Stop signs are now bilingual English/Finnish, yet another example of the creeping Finnish dominance of the Maritime provinces, according to Howard Bigotron of the Anti-Finland League"

"The Anti-Finland League, an obscure yet controversial Toronto-based pressure group which claims a Canadian membership of six, has been lobbying federal, provincial and municipal representatives to curtail the Finnish influence in Canada for 24 years."

"Don't let their dour expression and passive personalities fool you.....These Finns are clearly hellbent on world domination." -Anti-Finland League Maritime Branch Leader Howard Bigotron yesterday in Halifax.

Even non-Finns will find this funny!! H/T to Migrant Tales for the link.


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