Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Thoughts

At this point in time CNN is showing Obama with 338 Electoral Votes. That is more than enough to win but still less than I would like. The fact that some states like VA, OH, IA and others that went for aWol before is a good start, but there are still too many red states. The South needs to get their shit together or they will be marginalized. Not that is a bad thing!!!!

I guess I don't have to retire to Canada after all!! I really didn't want to move there because it has gotten way to difficult to cross the border after 9/11 and the Fascists that have been in power up 'til now. I remember back in the day when all you had to do crossing the border ( either Canada or Mexico, been to both ) was say where you were from!! Now you need a passport, your sperm count and who you voted for to get back into this country.

On CNN right now they are asking Powell what do the Repugnicans need to do now?? I say they need to kick the greedy bastards and the Bible-Bangers to the curb for a start. They need to start to do things for the people and not just for property!! If they are truly for small government, then they need to keep their noses out of people's personal lives!! The only place they are for small government right now is when it comes to regulating business. How's that been working???? They rail against Socialism and now we have nationalized Wall Street and the Banking Industry. What's up with that?????????????????????

There is some right-wingnut apologist ( Micheal Reagan) saying the party has gotten away from St. Ronnie's principles. Shit, what we have seen since St. Ronnie was elected is nothing but his principles in practice. That is the whole problem, the right-wingnut policies are what have fucked this country for almost three decades. We need to kick this party's ass so badly that they will become the Whigs of the 21st Century!! I have a dream!!!

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