Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Countdown Clock

Interesting, Obama hasn't even been sworn in and the BackwardsBush countdown clock now says -1 days and 15+ hrs. I guess later I will remove it, maybe this afternoon when it is official.


  1. Maybe they factored in GMT and all that garbage. My Obama countdown clock disappeared at midnight. Creepy huh?!?!?! -

    No matter - in 3 1/2 hours Obama will be the 44th POTUS!! Woot woot!

  2. If it was GMT it would be off by 5 hours not 12.

  3. Well, I was glad to see the new President sworn in and to wave goodbye to Bush.

    It's been a very good day. How are you?

  4. mine ran down wayyy before he was sworn in..but i didnt care..
    now i need to figure out how to take it down.


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