Friday, January 16, 2009

Hyvää päivää

Some commenters have wondered what my first language is. The standard greeting in my first language is "Hyvää Päivää" which means 'Good Day'. I tried to cut and paste hyvää päivää to google it, but wasn't able to. Don't know if it's the umlauts or the fact the this confuser is dying. I haven't been able to cut and paste pictures for quite awhile now and have to 'save picture as' then add image to my blog. When I typed it in, I was able to find what the language is. I just learned how to do "ä" and I imagine most who are as confuser illiterate as I might have trouble researching the phrase. After posting this I was able to cut and paste to google hyvää päivää, so maybe it was that it wouldn't work while in blogger mode.

Utah Savage was wondering what a Yooper is and where is Crackerland?? Hint; Yoopers live above the Bridge and Trolls live below the Bridge. Crackerland; think Lester Maddox and axe handles during the civil rights days.

Näkemiin. That's goodbye or more literally "See Ya".


  1. i always thought yooper was an Amish fellar.
    my first language is texan..first word out of my mouth is "howdy"
    last word? "same to you asshole"..

  2. Thank you for your answer. I knew the yooper in crackerland reference, but couldn't identify your first language until I google translated it.


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