Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's My Cabinet

This is one of my projects last summer while UP on the tundra. I'm not a cabinet maker but I play one on my blog. This project was a fairly cheap one. The plywood for the carcass didn't cost me anything, it was leftover pieces of 3/4" plywood given to me by a friend. As a fact the most expensive part of the whole project was the can of stain/polyurethane that I used to finish it. The piece of 3/4" oak plywood that I used for the top came from the cull bin at Home Depot for $4 and the hardware I also bought. The back which I painted white with primer is a piece of leftover 1/4" plywood from another project, also the
panels in the doors. The rest is wood I had, I always have scrap pieces because you never know when you need just a little piece of wood.

If it was a car, I would say it is a good 50 footer.(It looks good from 50 ft.) I made some mistakes but was able to hide most of them except the ones in the finish. (When I worked at one carpenter job we would joke about how the company motto was; "Fuck it, trim will cover it".)


  1. Wow! That is such a talent. It's beautiful and functional.

  2. ohhh,nice...very nice.
    wouldn't want to come to texas and built me a 8x12' book case wouldcha?


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