Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Overused And Misused Phrase

MSM is lazy, ignorant, incompetent and redundant, all of the above and then some. One phrase used by MSM that has had me grinding my teeth (both of them) for a number of years is referring to the President as Commander-In-Chief. It seems like it started about the time that aWol started calling himself the "Wartime President" while parading around in a flight suit and a codpiece. While I will admit I had a Commander-In-Chief, I don't have one anymore. LBJ was my Commander-In-Chief and so was Tricky Dicky, but when Tricky Dicky cut the budget and they kicked me out because they couldn't pay me, I ceased to have a Commander-In-Chief.

I don't just object to aWol being referred to as Commander-In-Chief, I also object to Obama being called that too. The President is Commander-In-Chief to less than 1 million people and we have over 300 million people in this country. Only the military has a Commander-In-Chief, the rest of us have a President!!!


  1. I doubt many in the MSM know the difference. That conglomeration of talking heads seem to be drinking from the stupid people's fountain on a regular basis.

    One that makes my eyes glaze is "We'll be back temporarily" NO you won't! You'll be back "soon!" unless your station is going off the air right after you return.

  2. MSM is lazy, ignorant, incompetent and redundant,

    The proper word is, brainwashed.

  3. Hey, why comment moderation? I let it all hang out on my blog.

  4. as a Air Force trooper when I was a kid till I was 24, I agree..

  5. The corporate media's collective noses were so far up Bush's ass they censored any accusations of lying towards their beloved decider, up to and during the first year of the Iraq war.

    Now watch then get tough on Obama to prove they are not liberal.


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