Sunday, January 18, 2009

More About My Extreme Dislike For The Bastards

Let me set the record straight, my Extreme Dislike is for the party and the politicians and the actions of the aforementioned. I personally know people who support and vote for the FuckingRepublicans, which by their delusional state makes wonder about their sanity, but I don't hate them. It's the leaders and the politicians that draw my wrath. One of the things that I can't stand about them is their total disregard for other people's lives. Nixon interfered with the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam in '68, telling the Vietnamese that he would give them a better deal than Johnson. He did this to help get him elected and then kept the talks hanging until he was re-elected. How many of the 50,000+ dead in that war were killed after the end of '68?? Ford pardoned Nixon and now nobody is held accountable for their actions unless it involves a blowjob, but that's another rant!!

Nixon's actions put my life at risk as I was in the military at the time. Luckily I never got sent to 'Nam, but by keeping the war going, it left the door open for me to get orders for 'Nam.

St. Ronnie interfered with the Tehran Hostage negotiations in order to help him get elected. The fact that the hostages were released after Ronnie was sworn in is not a coincidence. Then he sold arms to Iran to finance his illegal war in Central America. And Daddy Bush was right in there up to his eyeballs but he pardoned everyone that could implicate him in the treason!!

Then we have the current Asshole who will be sent packing in a couple of days, the hours are down to 2 digits. aWol started two needless wars which have killed over 4000 in Iraq and a bunch in Afghanistan. It would have been possible to negotiate for Osama if those running the show in the White House hadn't wanted to play with all those neat military toys and try to bomb Afghanistan back to the stone age. (Hell, they were there to begin with!!) Then he invaded Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11, just to prove he was a bigger man than his daddy!!

And all the while these and other Assholes in the party are claiming they are Pro-Life!! They go all ballistic over a wad of come in some broad's twat but don't give a shit about those already living and breathing.

And now for those who are still willing to support that party with its indifferent leaders then go right ahead, but don't expect me to drink your Kool-Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ahhh, another person I agree with ..couldn't have said it better my ownself.

  2. Well said. I'm really tired of people who vote Republican claiming that gov't can't do anything good or right. Of course, when it's under the control of Republicans, it's not good or helpful.....they see it as their job to prove that gov't can't work!

  3. The revisionist history is what drives me crazy. I can understand some spin, but when it drifts over the line into the "up is down, day is night" territory that so much of it does when it's recounted on Faux News I tend to annoyed.

    That, and the hypocrisy. Pro-life, unless it's someone black having the abortion. Anti-crime, unless it's guys in suits emptying the corporate till. Pro-family and pro-abstinence until marriage, until it's their vice presidential candidate's teenage daughter getting knocked up and then it's "these things happen." The list is endless.

  4. Between you and Nan...all truth in one nutshell!! Woohoo...only hours away from getting rid of aWol!!!!!


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