Friday, October 31, 2008

Campaign Ads

Last night while watching TV, the Old Lady said that she wished there was someway we could hit a button like a mute button that would eliminate the campaign ads now that we have already voted. During the day, I usually have the TV on CNN and whenever they go live to a campaign event, I change the channel. While watching shows in the evening, it's not so practical as you might miss part of the program you are watching.

One of the ads that gets to me is Saxby Shameless saying his opponent will work with Obama to raise your taxes. Shameless at one time introduced a bill for the mis-named FAIR tax. (Fucking Americans In the Rear) Not only would it let the Corporations and the rich off the hook, it would put a 23% national sales tax on everything you buy. This would be on top of any local taxes. Of course the rich would be all in favor of this plan. Instead of paying taxes on the money coming in, you pay tax on what you buy. For those on the lower end of the scale, adding that much to the cost of everything would be disastrous.

It's bad enough as it is with hedge fund managers paying capital gains taxes on their income and paying a lower percentage than their Secretaries. How in the hell they were ever allowed to do that is a mystery to me. Of course their buddies in Congress had something to do with that.

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  1. I don't watch TV except for a movie once in a while. I don't watch campaign ads, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.


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