Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Protests at the MBA conference

Here is a video from left i on the news, on the protests at the Mortgage Bankers Association conference in San Francisco. The only thing on the news here in Hot-lanta about the conference was the attempt by a woman to handcuff Rove in an attempt to do a citizen's arrest. Would anyone else like to see Rove frogmarched off to Gitmo???


  1. A lot of women want more home than they should be trying to pay for. I'm not going to feel sorry for them when they lose them. Their grandmothers are just shaking their heads wondering how those women can be so stupid.

    So many women these days are not that wise, and it's a shame that they take their mates to the poor house with them.

  2. I'd like to put him in a head lock and whup on his worth the fine for assault ...

  3. The police should have hauled Rove in when he was placed under citizen's arrest.


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