Monday, October 6, 2008

Commenting on other blogs

Recently I made a comment on another blog about hunting.
" Kulkuri said...
What bothered me more than the killing of animals was the pictures of people mingling with the grizzlies. These are wild animals and can not be trusted at close range. It is fine to look at them from a safe distance, but to be in the middle of them and even between Mamma Bear and the cubs is pure stupid.

I don't approve of hunting anything from airplanes. But hunting for food in Alaska is one way that allows the people there to survive considering the high cost of living."
This is what the blogger replied.

"There is a high cost of living in Hawaii too, but it doesn't justify some kind of atrocious thing like hunting tourists.

If the cost of living in Alaska is prohibitive, well maybe one needs to look for a cheaper place to live. Like the lower 48.

And I think bear hunting should be done without weapons or traps. If you can't kill a bear with your bare hands, then you ought not be living in the bears neck of the woods. Unless you're bat shit crazy, get out of there. Self defense does not mean hunting. Raise rabbits if you want meat. Lambies, chickens. But leave the bares and wolves alone."
Notice there is no mention of my first comment about grizzlies and people.

After seeing this, it made me think and the thought that I had is that too many people think this is the face of the Democratic Party, the Anti-Hunting take everybodies guns away people. I have been a life-long Democrat (well, ever since I first voted) and there are times when I think gun control is hitting what you are aiming at. On the other hand I don't think anyone has the right or the need to own an AK-47 or a Bazooka. A decade ago I asked a right-wing fellow worker why anyone would want a fully automatic rifle when they are not very good for hunting? He said that it is fun to mow down small trees with one. My only thought was, what a waste.

But anywho, until the Democratic Party starts to let people know that they respect hunters and anglers, they'll have trouble connecting with a lot of people. The other party promises to let you keep your guns, but think on this, even if they do let you keep your guns (and their track record on keeping promises is very, very piss poor) what good does it do you if there is nothing left to hunt and you can't eat any fish you might catch?? The Reich-wingnuts have proven time and time again that they will do any and everything in the pursuit of a quick dollar. They are perfectly willing to destroy the environment to turn a small profit.

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