Friday, October 24, 2008

Things you find while surfing

I wasn't going to do another post, but while surfing I spotted a couple of things on a blog. The first one is about a hedge fund manager talking about the level of intelligence of those in the financial business. The other is about some of the lies that McSame is willing to put out to the people that he and his campaign think are too dumb to check. Then there was a link to Driftglass, and I figured I would put it here because it is a good post.


  1. It's all a bunch of bullshit.

  2. Things ya find while surfing, eh?

    Yer photo up dere at da top made me homesick, ya know.

    Now where's dat pasty I had in da freezer?

    Ya can't find a good pasty in Troll Land. Hard enough ta find Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  3. Dave; down here in the land of Kudzu, I have to make my own pasties. All across Yooperland there are pasties in almost every restaurant and grocery store. The worse pasty I have had was one from Lehto's Pasty Shop near St. Ignace. The only thing that could have made that pasty worse would have been to put gravy on it.

  4. Yah, Once was enough for me at Lehto's. What was in that filler? Ground fish heads and mud?

    Suzy's, closer to St. Ignace, were better for road eatin'.


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