Friday, October 31, 2008

Where I got my icon

I cropped the image on this to create the icon I am using for myself and my blogs. I posted this earlier back when I first started this blog. I like it so I brought it back again. I even thought about putting in on the sidebar. I have some thoughts for things to put on the sidebar, but nothing definite.


  1. i have one like it except it's a woman..ha

  2. I like it. I need my fierce self portrait to follow me everywhere. I look nothing like that, never have. But at a party someone I didn't know very well said after studying the painting, "Who's the old gypsy whore?" I decided to hang on to the old gypsy whore. It was some essential me that no one ever saw in reality. I am my own invention, no? Why not be yours?

    My word identification word is porsinel

  3. Go with what you like I guess. We all say that we don't give a shit, but of course we all do, only for different reasons.

  4. thanx for dropping my my site. btw...I like the T-shirt!!!


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