Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gas Revisited

A week ago on her way home the Old Lady decided to gas up. The fact that the needle on the gas gauge was pointing towards excitement may have influenced her. When she saw that the price was down to 3.159, she went WOW it's low and filled both tanks on the truck. Every day since the price has dropped. Now it's down to 2.619. It wouldn't surprise me to see the price drop below 2 bucks by Election Day. The oil companies don't want people pissed off when they are voting. If the price had stayed above $4, no one with a R next to their name on the ballot would stand a chance of getting elected. The oil companies are just looking after their buddies and it sure as hell isn't you and me!!

Personally, I won't ever vote for anyone with a R next to their name again. Not even if they are running for dogcatcher.


  1. i did the same thing, filled up at $3.16 and now it's down to $2.38 or something..sigh*
    going to go fill up and then the prices will fall for sure.
    I never ever voted with anyone with an R by their name...ewww.

  2. I'm filling up in the next few days. I have never ever ever ever voted for a Republican and I never ever will.

  3. I can remember when there were R's that had honor, but they are all dead now. Many years ago I voted for a R in a special election for state rep because I had had dealt with the D when he was county commissioner and knew personally that he was an asshole. In 2000 I voted for McSame in the Michigan primary as a vote against aWol. In MI at that time you could vote in either parties primary but not both.


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