Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How do you tell he's lying??

Lately there has been an ad running on TV for Saxby Shameless. It shows the gas lines from the recent shortage and blames the liberal left. Shameless says we need to drill more to bring the price down because this country has a bigger oil reserve than Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserve in the known world. Iraq is second. The United States is lucky if it is in the top ten.

How stupid does he think the voters are?? I forgot, this is Georgia and he won his Senate seat by running a campaign that was based on smearing Max Cleland by among other things saying he wasn't patriotic enough. By implying that Cleland's wounds in 'Nam were self-inflicted. I watched this from the States six years ago and was just thoroughly appalled by the sleazy politics coming from the right-wing. This year I will get to vote against him, because someone like him deserves to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. How's that for old fashioned values??

And the answer is: his lips are moving!!

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  1. How stupid does he think the voters are??

    In a bible belt state? Very stupid. I hope that gas goes up to ten bucks a gallon.

    I would be okay with it if other countries stopped selling it to us. Of course then we would go take their countries away from them, that is what we do.

    They're not christians, they're a bunch of mother fucking monkeys.


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