Friday, October 17, 2008


The other day I did a post titled Welfare and received a comment that said I should go camping. Well, the picture is of the shower that I used all summer long. It's a solar shower, you fill the bag with water and set it in the sun to warm up. One side of the bag is clear and the other is black. You set in the sun clear side up and hopefully after sitting in the sun most of the day the water inside will be warm enough for a shower. It reminded me of the story of The Three Bears. Some days it was too hot, some days it was too cold and sometimes it was just right. Bathing al fresco was refreshing at times and sometimes a little chilly.

Not to worry about me scaring the neighbors by being naked in the backyard. The neighbors in either direction are close to a quarter mile away and out of sight.


  1. don't sweat that person...really!..

    I haven't gone camping in years..I used to take the kids all the time...Before I croak I'd like to take the kids/grandkids on a trip to Big Bend and camp out...sigh*

  2. I'm not sweating, just wanted an excuse to use the picture of my shower setup. If I am back there next summer for any length of time I will need to replace the Solar Shower as that one is held together with duct tape. I don't know if it counts as camping when I was living in what was an enclosed porch off the back of a trailer. A couple of years ago I pulled the trailer out and closed off the wall that was against the trailer. I don't have running water in the camp (what used to be the back porch) so that's why I used the Solar Shower.

  3. I just got back from four days of camping, I didn't want to come back but I have duties here in town.

    A solar shower here wouldn't do me much good when camping, way to many trees here for enough sun to heat the bag up.

    I'm going to make one for here at home but it won't be a bag. But a frame and glass on the roof with lots of water, not just a few gallons.

    Until then I'm okay with my bowl baths, I grew up on them. I wish that I hadn't forgotten to take clean underwear camping with me though.


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