Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thought

While on my almost daily walk today, the sign about drugs in a school zone made me think. To help relieve the pain of thought I will set it down here.

Whenever I hear of someone getting arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana, I have trouble getting my head around the idea of manufacturing marijuana. I mean you plant the seed (sometimes all you need do is scatter the seed) and if it sprouts you can then tend to it or not. You can water it, cultivate it, prune it and harvest it, but how do you manufacture it?? I guess you could say that this summer I manufactured potatoes, green beans, radishes, tomatoes and some itty bitty carrots. Every year on the ranch UP on the tundra we manufacture asparagus which in recent years just went to seed, but this year we at least got a meal of asparagus. Tried to manufacture some other veggies, but because of little rain and my not watering enough they didn't amount to much.


  1. speaking of asparagus.
    I planted asparagus this year just because i found this package of them..now it's oct and i don't know if they are ready to pull?...pick? all they are so far is fuzzy looking fern sprouting...what do I do?...
    I figure anything you can grow..you should..even marijuana..when's the last time you heard of anyone being stoned and disorderly?

  2. I don't know much about pot, other than the fact that I like the smell of it, but smoking it just never made sense to me. Never did try any other drugs, I just know that they make people stupid.

    It's getting close to the time when I have to process all those apples I manufactured.

    Well, some of them, I'll give most of them away. But I'm going to try to manufacture a little cider.

  3. I have friends that smoke pot, I can't say that they get disorderly but they sure get stupid. Not that they recognize that, they think they are smart.

    Wild asparagus is the best.

  4. yellowdog; you'll have to wait until next year. Then you'll be able to cut some when they look like the ones you buy in the store. Don't cut all of them, leave some to allow them to establish the roots and you'll have them every year. A cousin once told my that salt helps asparagus grow but I didn't ask for details and it's too late now.

    bbc; you are right, pot makes people stupid, also hungry. Alcohol makes people stupid and is legal. My question was how do you manufacture marijauna? If you put it in baggies or even Mason jars, is that manufacturing??


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